Pfalzgraf Pâtisserie offers more than 50 different kinds of premium quality cakes, from a truly decadent Chocolate Devotion Cake and Carrot Cake to delicious classics such as Black Forest, Chocolate Truffle Tortes and rich creamy Cheesecakes.

The finest quality ingredients, master-baker techniques and our use of only traditional 'time proven recipes' ensures our authentic European style cakes. Pfalzgraf Pâtisserie uses real cream in the making of many of our cakes. Real cream is fresh and natural. Its rich, creamy texture and full bodied colour makes it a perfect complement to our cakes.

Throughout our entire BRC Global Standards Certified process, controls are in place to ensure a safe and consistent product and our high quality standards are maintained.

Pfalzgraf Pâtisserie bakers are specially trained in old-world techniques of cake making. This attention to detail and the use of the freshest ingredients guarantee a product that is consistent and of the highest quality.

At Pfalzgraf Pâtisserie we offer uncompromised service to our customers. By using carefully approved distributors as well as our own fleet of refrigerated trucks we are able to faithfully serve customers throughout Canada and the United States.

Ease in handling, timesaving, flexible inventory and superior freshness are Pfalzgraf Pâtisserie's unbeatable advantages.

For the cake connoisseur, we offer the freshest and finest specialty cakes available. From simple to extravagant, Pfalzgraf Pâtisserie frozen cakes offer you an unlimited variety of dining possibilities.



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