Hazelnut Cream Torte

Natural fresh cream blended with roasted Hazelnuts and Hazelnut paste nestled between three layers of Vanilla Sponge Cake. Finished with Rosettes, Whole Natural Hazelnuts and slices of Roasted Hazelnuts. 

      • 10" - 14 servings precut          code: 1203
      •  8" -  Uncut                          code: 1210

  • Remove packaging completely before thawing to avoid condensation.
  • Thaw all Pfalzgraf products in the refrigerator (at +5C for 12 hours) or 3-5 hours at room temperature for immediate use.
  • Baked products can be warmed in the oven (or microwave oven) before serving.
  • After thawing, keep cakes refrigerated. Baked and Flan Cakes will keep 3-4 days; Cakes with cream 2-3 days; Cakes with Fruit Jelly 1-2 days.
  • Do not refreeze cakes once thawed.
Please contact Pfalzgraf Canada for Nutritional Information

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